Dear Customers,

unfortunately, we are forced to temporarily suspend the release of new clips in our Clips4Sale Studio because of persistent abuse by hackers who download and repost our files with stolen credit card numbers.
Hopefully Clips4Sale will find a solution to minimize the risk of fraud in future.

Certainly you have noticed that we had to withhold our most popular footage in the past few months, as our contributors did not want their videos to be spread uncontrolled on the internet.
To prevent the closure of our site we have set up an online shop for registered members. The registration is free and enables you to purchase and download our clips. For the moment, we will only accept trusted customers of our Clips4Sale Studio.

Please use the registration form where you can enter a sales order number or the indicated name from a former purchase in our Clips4Sale Studio.
We guarantee to review every request as quickly as possible.

At the moment, our new shop provides only about 120 clips from the last months, but we are working on it to offer the total stock of footage soon.
Once this is done, also new customers will be able to get registered.

As a welcome gift, after successfully registrating you can download a 5 minute bonus clip for free, filmed during a running event.
Moreover, we are able to lower prices because we no longer have to adhere to the Clips4Sale minimum prices and save the fees and commissions.

Of course, also the Beer Festival and PublicPissPoster clips will come back now.

Have fun!